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(Translated by Google) it's a shame that there isn't the whole menu on ubereats :) it's delicious and the place is super beautiful and well located! (Original) c'est dommage qu'il n'y ait pas tout le menu sur ubereats :) c'est délicieux et l'endroit est super beau et bien placé!

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(Translated by Google) My comparison is relative to my experiences with equivalent food and service in other countries. Food: We ordered several dishes, including the crispy duck, siu mai (shrimp stuffing), har gau, char siu bao, shrimp and garlic dish, cheung fan and pork intestine Sichuan style. I would rate the food like this: The crispy duck is the best dish with a 4 star rating. The hoisin sauce in particular had an interesting taste. Then why only 4 stars: Try the duck in Four Seasons in London ;-). This is the best and most authentic duck in Europe. I would also give the pork intestine 4 stars, but I also ate better. The rest was unfortunately only 3 stars, not bad, but not outstanding either, unfortunately specialized dim sum masters can do much better. Overall, I would give it 3.5 stars overall due to the other disappointing dishes. Service: Good service and friendly staff. That's why there are 4 stars here. I have of course experienced the best service in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Japan, and in several Japanese restaurants in Europe. For 5 stars you have to measure yourself against such standards. Ambiance: 5 stars. The restaurant is very nicely designed. (Original) Mein Vergleich ist relativ zu sehen zu meinen Erfahrungen mit gleichwertigem Essen und Service in anderen Ländern. Essen: Wir hatten mehrere Gerichte bestellt, u.a Die knusprige Ente, Siu Mai (Grabben-Shrimp-Füllung), Har Gau, Char Siu Bao, Shrimp-Garlic-Gericht, Cheung Fan und Schweinedarm -Sichuan-Art. Das Essen würde ich so bewerten: Die knusprige Ente ist das Beste Gericht mit 4 Sterne Bewertung. Besonders die Hoisin-Sauce hatte einen interessanten Geschmack. Warum dann nur 4 Sterne: Probiert mal die Ente in Four Seasons in London ;-). Das ist die beste und die authentischste Ente in Europa. Der Schweinedarm würde ich auch 4 Sterne geben, habe ich aber auch besser gegessen. Der Rest war leider nur 3 Sterne, nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht herausragend, dass können spezialisierte Dim Sum Meistern leider wesentlich besser. Zusammen würde ich aufgrund der anderen enttäuschenden Gerichte 3,5 Sterne insgesamt geben. Service: Guter Service und freundliche Mitarbeiter. Hier gibt es deswegen 4 Sterne. Ich habe den Besten Service natürlich in Asien erlebt, insbesondere in Süd Korea und Japan, und in mehreren japanischen Restaurants in Europa. Für 5 Sterne muss man sich deswegen an solchen Standards messen. Ambiente: 5 Sterne. Das Restaurant ist sehr schön gestaltet.

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The food was a bit salty but overall good, with good amount per portion. The atmosphere is great!

3 months ago
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Having just relocated to Geneva, we were hoping to find our “go to” dim sum haven. And we found it. Mont Blanc 7 has all the traditional dim sum, prepared by an excellent Hong Kong chef. Some of the tastiest dim sum we’ve experienced anywhere. Staff are welcoming, helpful and friendly. The decor is authentically Chinese, featuring much auspicious red. We’re keen to return and in particular to try the duck, which we understand is a house specialty. Well worth a visit.

3 months ago
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(Translated by Google) The best Chinese food in Geneva, bar none! The best Chinese cuisine in Geneva. (Original) 在日內瓦最佳中餐,沒有之一!The best Chinese cuisine in Geneva.

3 months ago

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